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Forensic Resolutions' experience includes working with national and regional law firms representing a myriad of large, medium and small companies. Our work has taken us from the Delaware Valley to California, to the Far East and Europe. We have also worked with many insurance companies.

Litigation Services - Economic damages

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Insurance Claim Services

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Fraud/Corporate Investigations

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Forensic and Investigative Accounting

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Quantifying and resolving the financial aspects of matters in dispute has often been likened to solving a puzzle. Complex litigation, fraud investigations and insurance claims all have unique qualities, which cannot be approached with a checklist, although our many years of case experience is an invaluable resource in identifying key issues and red flags.

When in litigation, we assist our clients throughout the discovery process; from document requests, to interrogatories and depositions. If the case goes to trial, we provide expert testimony. We have extensive experience providing testimony at mediations, arbitrations and trials, qualifying to testify in many jurisdictions.

Similarly, in insurance claims matters, we assist claims professionals and their counsel from the early stages of assessing claims and the documentation needed to support them to assistance in settlement discussions. We are equally qualified and provide services to individuals and companies who have suffered a loss and need to quantify losses arising from a particular precipitous event. Our experience in working with both insureds and insurance claims professionals uniquely qualifies us because we know what is needed to prove and properly document a loss.

Forensic Resolutions offers ongoing education to its legal, insurance and corporate clients on a variety of topics, including damages, fraud awareness and many other financial areas.
Forensic Resolutions treats each matter in a unique manner and does not use a “cookie cutter” approach; our work is based on knowledge and experience and the ability to work as part of a team. Our experience working for the Plaintiff and Defense in various cases over time gives us a unique, balanced perspective to assist clients.